More about Time Management Hacks for Physical Therapists

By David Browder, PT, DPT, OCS

Course Overview:

The purpose of this course is to learn about and apply a comprehensive approach to time management and productivity.  Each concept is instructed utilizing the context of physical therapy practice and management.  Application assignments are illustrated with stories and case studies from a physical therapist’s perspective.  Participants will learn about 6 levels of time management and how to apply them in both work and personal life to be more effective, productive and balanced.

Level 1: Capture is where we learn to manage our minutes

Level 2: Prioritize is where we learn to manage our hours

Level 3: Routine is where we learn to manage our days

Level 4: Spin and Flow is where we learn to manage our weeks

Level 5: Plan is where we learn to manage our months

Level 6: Balance is where we learn to manage our lives

These strategies build on and complement each other.  At the end of this course participants that engage with this material will see exponential improvements in everything from their ability to manage their inbox to maintaining work/life balance and happiness.

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Learning Model:  Continuous enrollment, online course delivered via 8 modules.  Each module is released on a weekly schedule after enrollment and available for 1 year from enrollment.  The online platform utilized allows tracking of exercise completion.  Combination of completion, a course quiz and post-course survey are required to receive CE credit. Optional Q/A sessions and engagement via social media are encouraged but optional.

Audience:  Novice to advanced physical therapists in clinical, managerial and supervisory roles.  Supplemental and bonus material is also provided for private practice owners.  Physical Therapy assistants and physical therapy students may also benefit as well as any other personnel involved in the day to day operations of a physical therapy practice.  Other healthcare providers are welcome to attend and will be able to easily apply the principles of this course as well.  No Prerequisites.



Module 1: Introduction and Course overview

  • Introduce the specific challenges facing PTs, managers and owners in terms of time management, productivity and effectiveness.
  • Discuss the variety of roles we have to manage in order to balance work and home life.
  • Review strategies for how to learn new skills.


Module 2 Level 1 – Capture

  • Review the GTD model and how it can be used to manage and process incoming data and ‘to-do’ items.
  • Complete a ‘Brain Dump’ activity and generate a series of unprocessed items.
  • Distinguish between your  ‘Projects’ and ‘Next Actions’.
  • Process your items according to GTD principles.
  • Understand how modern culture creates ADD like symptoms.
  • Understand the delegation challenges inherent in PT practice.

Module 3: Level 2 – Prioritize

  • Review the 4 quadrants model of prioritization.
  • Discuss how depending on ‘systems’ works for things but not for people.
  • Utilize provided worksheets to make prioritization simple and efficient.
  • Take action where appropriate to Get Things Done.
  • Understand how managing priorities prevents crises.
  • Choose and implement a system that allows for synchronization and tracking of the applied concepts from level 1 and 2.

Module 4: Level 3 – Routine

  • Review the role and importance of habits and how they relate to level 1 and 2.
  • Discuss current research on how to add positive habits.
  • Discuss transformative change.
  • Discuss the ‘Tiny Habits’ Model.
  • Experiment with utilizing the tiny habits model to add a positive habit.
  • Utilize a tracking mechanism to reinforce our ability to change routines.

Module 5: Level 4 – Spin and Flow

  • Learn how to optimize schedules in physical therapy to allow time for management, leadership and professional development.
  • Discuss the concepts of Spin time vs. Flow time.
  • Learn about the research behind Flow and happiness.
  • Learn about the concept of ‘margin’ in schedule planning.
  • Understand how technology is changing where work happens.
  • Design your ideal week and apply these lessons to your schedule.

Module 6: Level 5 – Plan

  • Learn how to apply goal-setting principles familiar in PT practice to strategic planning for life and business.
  • Define and identify Lag measures that link to strategic goals.
  • Define and identify Lead measures that link to lag measures.
  • Learn how to take action on lead measures to execute on goals.
  • Utilize tracking mechanisms to execute on plans.
  • Integrate lessons from all levels in order to reach goals and be more effective in all aspects of life from personal to business.
  • Set a specific SMART goal, identify lag and lead measures, identify relevant actions to take and track them.

Module 7: Level 6 – Balance

  • Survey several views of work-life balance from top experts.
  • Discuss how poor management of balance and energy can be detrimental to clinical outcomes.
  • Understand factors affecting intrinsic motivation and internal drive.
  • Discuss the power of ‘Why’.
  • Learn the key components of managing yourself in life and business.
  • Utilize a ‘wheel of life’ to analyze goals from level 5.
  • Discuss concepts of wellness, balance and happiness as a lifelong learning process.

Module 8: Course Wrap-up and Extras

  • Learn about positive psychology and how happiness leads to effectiveness.
  • Recommend tools and resources for continued development.
  • Quiz on key concepts.
  • Post-course survey.
  • Bonus content, resources and references.
  • Invitation to continued engagement and group support

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2 thoughts on “More about Time Management Hacks for Physical Therapists

  1. I have a couple of questions about the Time Management course. My biggest issue is getting documentation done as well as ensuring patients get the appropriate therapy. It is very rare that this occurs, leaving me with 2 hrs of paperwork daily outside of work (10 hr days M-TH). I am less concerned about the rest of the time, although that is important too and would love to learn more. What I am looking to do is learn from experts on how they fit the best evidence-based PT in, with excellent documentation completed within the same 10-hr clinical day. I have been trying to do this for over 15 years, and have been unable…and am considering changing professions, and leaving my private practice partnership due to this. There also is as expected, some stress at home with family due to this. So this is pretty big

    Is there a substantial component of this course that deals with this aspect?

    Thank you.