OCS Prep Course

I am the author of Evidence in Motion’s OCS Prep Course. This 100% online, self-paced course has become the most popular prep course on the market for physical therapists preparing for the ABPTS Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS) examination.  Over 250 PTs used our course to study for the 2014 test. The OCS Prep Course will help you learn the material faster and retain the information longer. The result? Higher test scores!

The American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists designed a difficult test, but our students pass at a much higher rate than the average.  We believe in absolute transparency, so we publish our students aggregate results here for you to see:  195 of our students that took the test in 2013 passed!

That’s an 87% pass rate.


EIM’s Orthopaedic Certified Specialist (OCS) Prep Course is specifically designed to prepare participants for the OCS examination and stimulate their clinical practice.  A regional approach is used throughout the curriculum that includes: test taking strategies, upper extremities, cervical and thoracic spines, lower extremities, lumbar spine and pelvis, critical inquiry, and miscellaneous topics and review.

Earn 58 Continuing Education Hours



This course is all online and self-paced.  It is interactive and media-rich to help make the e-learning environment both engaging and convenient.  Included is a 16-week self-study program that integrates journal articles, online video presentations, Mind-Maps, weekly summaries, and additional online resources to offer the latest in current best evidence for orthopaedic physical therapy clinical practice.   The course is typically started 4-5 months prior to the OCS exam, but many participants start as early as a year ahead and work through the material over time.

While weekly outlines and content are provided, we encourage deviating from the ‘schedule’ as necessary to spend more time in areas that need more work.  This allows EIM’s OCS Prep Course to be a uniquely tailored experience for each participant. A pre-test, post-test, and weekly online quizzes are provided.  These tests are written in a similar format to OCS exam questions to simulate the exam environment, identify knowledge gaps, and assess learning.

OCS Prep Course Features:

  • Online lectures that can be viewed when you have time to study
  • Interact with other “OCS-preppers”, experts and past participants in our facebook group (well over 100 members)
  • Weekly summaries of the most “need to know” info for the OCS Exam with quizzes
  • Pre-course exam, quizzes and post-course exam with over 300 OCS-style review questions
  • Post-test exam includes feedback for every answer to help you analyze why you missed each question