The greatest time management tool I ever learned came from the 19th century economist Vilfredo Pareto. The Pareto Principle states that if we devote our energy, time, and resources to the top 20% of our priorities, we’ll achieve 80% of the results we desire. Use your time log to clarify which activities are important to you. Then focus your schedule on the top 20%.”  John Maxwell.

Intro to ‘Jobs Applied’ Series

One of the ongoing themes of this blog will be to take material presented from outside of the world of private practice physical therapy and to repurpose it to illustrate and guide our businesses within the healthcare industry.  There are a great many ideas and well thought out models out there… I intend to dig them up and present them in ways we can apply to our world.

Being a huge fan of all things Apple, I have over time come to appreciate the genius of Steve Jobs and the organization that he created.  An Apple fan or not, few entrepreneurs have a history of not only creating a company (in a garage in 1976) but then also coming back to it after being ousted to save it (almost went bankrupt in 1997) and take it to dominate entirely new markets (iPhone, remember?).


In April of 2012, six months after Steve Jobs died of cancer,  Walter Isaacson published a compelling article in Harvard Business Review called ‘The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs’.  You can find it here or the full biography here.  He described 14 practices that Steve Jobs brought to Apple – leading his company to innovate and succeed in a style simply not found elsewhere.  These 14 practices are:

  • Focus
  • Simplify
  • Take Responsibility End to End
  • When Behind, Leapfrog
  • Put Products Before Profits
  • Don’t Be a Slave to Focus Groups
  • Bend Reality
  • Impute
  • Push for Perfection
  • Tolerate Only ‘A’ Players
  • Engage Face to Face
  • Know Both the Big Picture and the Details
  • Combine the Humanities with the Sciences
  • Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

As I was reading this extremely well executed article, I was struck how most of these principles resonates within our private practice physical therapy world.  They are also, to some degree, not new ideas but principles that pop up in the business literature over and over.

For these reasons, I decided that I will write a single blog post applying each of these concepts and the lessons of Steve Jobs (thanks to Dr. Isaacson) to our world.  I will likely skip a few that I don’t like as much, but over the next 3 months keep an eye out for these posts… one each week.  Or look for them all under the ‘Jobs Applied’ category.  I look forward to your comments here, on my twitter page or on Facebook.

Time management: bullet journaling for paper lovers

Fast Company
Jan 5, 2014

In this video, Ryder Carrol presents an intuitive system for time management, note-taking and to-do lists for paper lovers.  This is similar to a system I used for years with Moleskine Cahier notebooks.  Many apps now integrate this process with our phones and computers – but sometimes old school is the best school.  The most important thing is that you have a system you are comfortable with so you stick with it.

Browdering – what its all about.

Welcome to and my first (official) blog post.

Over the past few years I have had an unbelievable opportunity in my role as a faculty member and now program director for Evidence In Motion’s Executive Program in Private Practice Management.  I have been able to spend the past 5 years learning about the owners of over 300 private practices and their businesses.  In the process of staying connected with many of our alumni, I came to the conclusion that the topic of leadership and management is just not something that has received enough attention.

I started this blog because this is an area that I am passionate about.  The purpose of ‘browdering’ is to allow me a place to write about all the things I am learning as well as to drive discussions so that I can learn from you.  I hope that the strange confluence of my background as an Air Force Academy graduate and Air Force physical therapist will combine with my experiences as an educator and private practice owner to create interesting content.  Most of all, I hope that I can connect with other practice owners and help to create profitable paths for private practice physical therapy in what I think will be a challenging healthcare environment.

My friend Chris Stanley came up with the name ‘Browdering’ as I crowdsourced blog name ideas  to my Facebook network. He even gave it a definition!  This was perhaps one of the best compliments I’ve ever received and seemed to capture the essence of my mission… so I went with it.

My goal is to help PTs better manage their time, optimize their practice and lead their staff.  Most of my posts will be in these areas.  I will also feature several new courses on this site, including a Time Management course for PTs and PT Practice Owners that will launch in the next few months.  Look for a post every Monday, with a scattering of other quotes, book recommendations, etc. mixed throughout.

I truly hope to connect with you, so please follow my blog, sign up for my mailing list (only cool things, I promise) and hit me up on social media as well.  I am looking forward to getting to know you better and I hope to add value to both you and your practice.


“The speed, volume of information, clutter and uncertainty of modern life lead to distractibility, impulsivity, restlessness and impatience.” Dr. Ned Hallowell.